I am CS Mitchell and I write books.

Check out my current projects page for excerpts, quotes, fun facts, supporting documents, and weird tidbits from whatever I’m working on right now.

This is where I lock up all the blog posts. Expect to be wowed by thousand word rants about everything from canned lunch tongue to raising a tiny wild human while trying to write a book.

I really would love to hear from you! Unless you have nothing nice to say, in which case I can suggest a few bridges that need riddle-armed guards!

Ever wondered “who the heck is CS Mitchell?” Didn’t think so, but my agent insists that this page is absolutely required. So click above to see what sort of fun things I have to say about myself.

This is the future home of all my writing projects. You can visit now to see my awesome “under construction” page. Seriously, it’s pretty cool.